My Poem About Baseball

20950837865_a416bf6938_b           Baseball

Image from:  by slgckgc

  1. It’s a wonderful game
  2. It calls my name
  3. All of the excitement and energy
  4. A sport, that requires synergy
  5. It is a game, that’s not always tame


  1. Baseball, a game that is inspiring
  2. The pitch comes, then the hard swing
  3. The crack of the bat, and it’s over the fence
  4. I just love all of the suspense
  5. Baseball, it’s my everything










  1. Thanks! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. That is true. I think it is inspiring. Leave a link to your blog and I can check out your blog.

  2. Hi Addison,
    My name is Lainey. I used to play baseball and now I do tennis. However, baseball was so much fun, and I remember having some joyful times at the fields with my friends. What’s your favorite part about baseball? Do you play for a travel team or for a league? Check out my blog at:
    Happy blogging,

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